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    sway bar

    P.O. installed after market sway bars in my 71 coupe, 1-1/4 front, 3/4 rear, I would like to return to the stock set up which is 3/4 front bar only. The problem is 15/16 is the smallest I can find through the big name suppliers. Any help with this would be appreciated.
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    Battery location

    I have often wondered why the battery on C3's ( maybe not all) was placed behind the drivers side seat versus the passengers side. Given the choice, the right side would seem to be the obvious one. Any thoughts?
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    What is it ?

    While changing the fuel gauge on my 71 I noticed a device similar to a condenser with a short lead and a flat connecter, it is mounted on the back of the instrument panel just above the radio opening. The lead became disconnected while wrestling with the gauge panel. I have no idea what this...
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    Bad Resistor

    The fuel gauge resistor on my 71 has failed, as these are no longer available I was wondering what anyone with this problem has used as a substitute. Does anyone know if the new gauges sold through the usual suppliers has the required resistance built in. Thanks.
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    Expansion ID

    I have an undated Harrison expansion tank with the numbers 3016340 stamped below the name. I don't know what year or years this fits and would be grateful for any help finding out. Thanks!
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    4 speed fluid

    I recently changed the fluid in my four speed. Not being able to find the reccomended GL4 90W I used valvoline 75W- 90. The fluid seemed very thin and now I am having trouble getting into third gear both up and down. I realize I may have a syncro issue but this did not exist before the fluid...
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    Wiper door limit switch

    The connector to one side of the wiper door limit switch broke off on my 71 and needs to be replaced. The door is vacume operated which is readily visible when open. Before I replace it can someone explain its purpose. Thanks in advance!
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    Ride height thoughts

    I have been reading a lot of questions about uneven rear ride heights on C3s. Its hard to believe that some sort of adjustable device for the spring bolts has not been thought of. I wonder if double nutting with the lower nut being a nyloc or something similar would work. I would like to hear...
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    coil overs

    while reading some responses regarding ride hieghts, someone said they use coil overs instead of leaf springs. I would like to know more about this, what brand ,spring rates,etc.
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    Amp. guage help

    on the rear of my instrument cluster is what looks like a condenser with a short black wire and a thin flat copper strip attatched to the end. The PO left a tag on it with to Amp. guage written on it. does this connect to the guage and if so which side? Thanks to anyone who can help.
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    Brake fluid change

    I am considering changing the brake fluid on my 71 to silicone (DOT 5)fluid. I know the benefits of this this change but would like to hear from others who have experience with silicone regarding the pro's and con's of such a change. Thanks.
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    Composite rear spring

    I am cosidering installing a composite rear spring on my 71, would like some input regarding brand, spring rate ( comfortable cruising is my goal ), installation ease and satisfaction. Thanks.
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    radio delete

    previous owner of my 71 installed an aftermarket radio, it looked awfull and I removed it. I have no interest in a radio and would like to know if a radio delete plate is available. Thanks for the help.
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    Backwards Fuel Guage

    Upon purchase of my "71" the seller pointed out that the fuel guage reads backwards. He said he must have reversed the wires while reassembling the guage cluster. After removing the cluster to fix this I found the two wire plastic clip can only go on the guage one way and cannot be reversed. I...
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    cooling system question

    My 71,LT1 has a radiator with the a verticle expansion tank on the right side, it also has the fender mounted aluminum expansion tank with connecting heater hoses. The aluminum tank seems redundant. Is this correct? Should I remove the aluminum tank?
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    My 71.LT1 has a radiator with a verticle expansion tank on the right side. it also has the fender mounted aluminum expansion tank. This seems redundant. Is this setup correct? Should I eliminate the fender tank?
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