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    1959 283 id?

    Hello guys, I recently acquired a 283 SBC. I am trying to identify it as I was told it was a corvette engine. I found date code, block # and crank numbers also, can't seem to be able to find the letter for which plant it was forged in. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I hope I'm asking in...
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    Code 56

    Hello guys, I have been working on a 1990 ZR-1, got her running and driving. Working on my last code a 56. My problem is a vacuum leak. I have had the plenum off 3 times and can't seem to find the leak. With the plenum off and drivers side vacuum bose blocked there is no leak, soon as I put the...
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    New member

    Good morning, just joined the site. I bought a 1990 ZR-1 about 2 months ago and have visited here several times as a guest in my quest for knowledge about the ZR1. I'm looking forward to meeting you guys and being a productive member. I hope to learn all I can and maybe pass on some of my...
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