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    Original C3 Brochures, etc. Enjoy memory lane!

    http://www.lov2xlr8.no/chevy.html (replace "chevy" in the URL with "Ford" if you are a switch hitter). Dave
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    Is Anyone Else Frustrated With The New "Tapatalk" Mobile App for This Forum?

    I've thrown in the towel. And, I know it's not must me because Apple doesn't even render the Corvette Action Center via Tapatalk anymore when searching for C3 Apps like they originally did. Users have given it a solid... "1" out of 5 stars. And, I can see why - there's not way to easily scan...
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    Wanted to Buy: Pre-owned Corvette Sport Top (C3 Application) aka "Fox Rain Coat"

    I sometimes get tired of putting the car cover off and on in the garage during summertime in order to repel the normal open air dust in the garage - plus, it seems a handy travel option. I am not willing to buy a new one at $3 or 4 hundred, so wondering if anyone will sell their unneeded one to...
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