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02 Z06 405hp compared to 67 435hp


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Mar 25, 2001
Brookfield, WI
Blue 1966 Roadster, Black 1986 Coupe
The 1967 435hp compared to the 2002 Z06 405hp.
Is it that they measure them at the wheels now and not at the engine. if so what would the 1967 435hp measure at the wheels.
Anybody have dyno test results they can share with us.
I'll tell you after I pick up my '02 Z next month. I'll only be able to compare it to a '66 L72 however...
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Are ye getting any Sir Lance? You lucky Dog, You! Best of Luck and Fun with the new Vette.

If the '67 had comparable tires, then the acceleration comparison would be more interesting. As far as braking and handling, come on - we know about those issues.

I read, and have at home, a copy of a Motor Trend article comparing a 67 with a 97 (?). It was along the lines of your inquiry. Let me know if you want me to mail or FAX a copy to you - it is a worthy read. Cheers!

I once asked a question about the old Gross HP vs. Net HP ratings. I do not remember where it was, but maybe you could find it. I recall one answer said that the net number is about 15-20% less than the gross number. So, 435 Gross would be about 350/360, Net. But torque is another matter and I think the 427BB has more than the Z06 car. Smarter, more knowledgable people might be able to help you - good luck.

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