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'07 C6 Clutch Slip Issue


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Sep 7, 2007
Lawrenceburg, IN
2007 Black Z51 Coupe and 2004 Magnetic Red Coupe
The clutch in our '07 Z51 has begun to slip for some reason, I don't drive this car much, it is my wife's car, and she drives it on a pretty limited basis. After breaking it out of mothballs from the winter season, I noticed that it was becoming more difficult to get the car into reverse when backing out of the garage, but never thought much about it.

In the last couple of drives I've noticed that the clutch is now slipping. It only has 15K miles. Is there anything that I can check or adjust before making the trip to the repair shop? I'm not real familiar with the hydralic clutch system. Thanks in advance!

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