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LT4 10mm LT4 rocker studs

1996 LT4 Topic


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Sep 10, 2013
Hampton Va
1993 torch red stripped automatic coupe
I have a set of production non adjustable LT4 rockers and nuts, I can't find studs. Has anyone ever tried to use Pontiac bottle neck studs in place of the pedestal studs used on LT4. They are 7/16 at the bottom and used 3/8 nut at top
check the Crane Cams catalog. They have a 10-mm stud PN 99148-16.
Unfortunately those are the opposite of what I need. 10mm threads in to head and 3/8 stud for commonly available rocker arms. Thanks though.
I got the rocker arms and nuts several years ago. I thought they were normal roller rockers not realizing they were the production non adjustable set up. Chevrolet chose to build 2 LT4s the "over the counter" version used different studs, rockers, and locking nuts. I'm just trying to use what I got. Pontiac used a bottle neck rocker stud, similar to what was used in the assembly line LT4. The same torque to 20 FT-Lbs and they are good to go. When you changed cams in the Pontiac V8 sometimes it required installing Chevrolet screw in rocker studs so valve lash could be adjusted.
it seems i have the original 10mm nuts and 3/8 rocker arms. Just a "Senior Moment" :happyanim:just need correct lock nuts.

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