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15" wheel to 16"



I want to switch to a larger wheel. The factory 15" wheel is so hard to get a good tire for. I want to switch to a 16" wheel. Is there an actual conversion kit that I need or can I just put on a 16" wheel as is? Any help would be great. :)

Scott :W
You're just going to have to be sure you have enough back spacing to clear your brakes, yet not so much that you stick outside the wheelwells or rub the fender. There are spacers/adapter kits available for just about any combination Scott. :upthumbs

_ken :w
not hard

i have a 76 vette with 17"by8" wheels.. when you get the new wheels,where ever you buy them just ask them to make sure they will fit your year model vette.. and all they will do is check what the backspacing is...its not a big deal..

Are you talking about getting rid of the aluminum wheels? If so I have 2 damaged wheels on my car and would like to get some replacements. What kind of shape are they in?


Never mind I just looked and your wheel is a slightly different style than mine.
Thanks for the info guys. I appreciate it. Nstg8r, one of the guys in my car club has 4 wheels off of his 78 just sitiing around. He offered them to me but I don't want another 15" rim. I can ask if he wants to sell them to you. Let me know. :)

Scott :w
Stryker_78 said:
Nstg8r, one of the guys in my car club has 4 wheels off of his 78 just sitiing around. He offered them to me but I don't want another 15" rim. I can ask if he wants to sell them to you. Let me know.

If they are pace car wheels I would be very interested. But after posting that the last time I noticed that the 80-82 wheels are different from the earlier ones, looks like the difference is the earlier ones are blacked out in the middle. Does this sound right?
There are not to many aftermarket wheels that will fit as a bolt on. The American Racing Torque Thrust series will fit without spacers. There are a few similar styles from other companies that will also bolt on. Otherwise you will need spacers. I have read about backspacing of between 3.75" to 4.5". On another forum one person custom ordered his wheels and now is concered he used the wrong backspace. That would stink! I am also going to have to go this route in the future. I want better tires but really like the original torque thrust wheels with the gray center. They only make them in 15" size. I like the 16" wheel because it still looks more original. I personally find the 17" and larger wheels to look to modern for an old vette. Good luck.


Thanks for the info Jim. I will certainly look for rims that do not require spacers. I will just have to get in touch with my parts guy and see what he has to say.

Nstg8tr, the rims are not pace car rims but the normal coupe 78 rims. No black stripe in them. The problem is I won't be seeing him for another 2 months. :( I am kinda indisposed at the moment. I am doing time.......In the Arabian Sea on a Destroyer....LOL...:)
I will contact him when I get home in May. If you are still interested then. :)
Thanks guys.
Scott :w

Dont make this out any harder than it is. and yes they do make torque thrust rims in 17" . I have 17" one peice billet aluminum centerline wheels on my 76. When i was going to order them all the guy at the tire place did was call and ask for the proper spacing for my corvette. there were tons of wheels that i looked at and all of them would fit my corvette. Backspacing isnt the big deal,its deciding what wheel you want. edelbrock,american racing,centerline,cragar,etc. all these companies have plenty of wheels that will fit corvettes.
400hp 76,
do have pics of your wheels on the vette?
silver 80,

My vette is in the shop right now. I had a fuel leak and the car caught on fire. The engine bay and a lot of the paint was really damaged. All of the pictures i have are on regular film. but as soon as i get pictures i will get them to you.
p.s. if you get a different wheel make sure it has a lip , where the wheel is sunk in . do you know what i mean? it helps give the wheel more depth and looks way better than a wheel that is flush with the outside of the tire.
Thanks for all of the info everyone. Sorry :( to hear about the car fire 400hp_76.

Scott :w

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