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17" Gold Snowflake Epsilon Wheels



These wheels were originally made by Epsilon for C4s in the 80s. They have the original gold paint on them, which matches the GM GTA wheels, so they have a couple little nicks and chips from people using an impact wrench on the lugs and the socket hitting the paint. There's 2-17x8.5s and 2-17x9.5s. The lips have a couple small curb rash spots and one that is pretty bad and could use repair. One wheel doesn't have the original Epsilon center cap but has a black cap with a painted on E, I imagine you could find another center cap on Ebay or somewhere. They're true 3 piece wheels as shown in the pictures. I tried taking pictures of every imperfection on every wheel to the best of my ability. The wheels will work good as an extra set of track wheels or they could be cleaned up to make a nice set of regular wheels. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

I'm asking $500 obo + shipping. They won't be coming with the tires, I only mounted them for test fitting.

Some Pictures:
http://www.streetdisturbance.invisio..._33_355864.jpg - this shows the wheels how they are right now. The chrome looks good but could use a polish. I can polish them before they go out if you'd like.

http://www.streetdisturbance.invisio..._33_642888.jpg - this is one of the 9.5s. The damage on this wheel is the worst of them all. The wheel is still straight and should hold air. You could have it fixed fairly cheap if you wanted by a wheel repair shop.

http://www.streetdisturbance.invisio..._33_515190.jpg - this shows the chips in the gold. They're not as bad as I remembered. There's only a few chips and they're all in the holes like this one (this is probably the biggest chip of them all). Not all the wheels have the chips, but with a little bit of touchup paint from GM with the wheels on your car you won't be able to see them at all.

http://www.streetdisturbance.invisio..._33_482716.jpg - this is a small mark in one of the 8.5s. As you can see it's very small and the wheel holds air.

http://www.streetdisturbance.invisio..._33_671149.jpg - this is the other 9.5.

http://www.streetdisturbance.invisio...7_33_46677.jpg - I disassembled one of the 9.5s to see what work would be involved with the new wheel shells. The center just sets over the two shells

http://www.streetdisturbance.invisio..._33_130316.jpg - The disassembled 9.5, you can see the silicone bead where the two meet.

http://www.streetdisturbance.invisio..._33_712655.jpg - the center piece.

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