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1961 Build Sheet



Was there such a thing as a build sheet for my 1961 and if so how do I get my hands on it???
Build sheet

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center. Nice to see another solid axle here. The practice of gluing the build sheet to the fuel tank began in '67, I think. Before that they were sometimes found under the seats, inside the doors, stuffed up under the dash or behind the kick panel. I don't recall anyone ever finding one in a solid axle.

If your car isn't fairly original, unrestored it may be very difficult to determine it's original equipment. A lot of detective work and research will be necessary. GM has never been able to produce the production records for these cars and even have allowed some Corvette experts like Nolans Adams access to their archives. We can't help but believe that there are records sitting, gathering dust in some obscure corner of GM. Finding these would be one of the greatest events in Corvette history. Imagine having your original build sheet in your hand. There are without a doubt many Corvettes that don't remotely ressemble their original color or equipment. Even some top awarded cars.

If you aren't already, you should join the NCRS and the Solid Axle Corvette Club. The NCRS has tremendous archives of information not to mention a membership list that has basically been there, done that, seen nearly everything relating to these cars. The Restorer magizine back issues are available on CD Rom and I know I use my years of back issues for reference regularly. Both clubs are full of friendly poeple ready to help with your questions.

When did you get your car? If you are looking for specific information I would be more than happy to see if I can help.



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