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1967 Radiator & Heater Inspection Decals


Nov 21, 2000
Winfield, WV, USA
1967 Red Convertible
I'm doing some detail work on my 67. Can anyone tell me where/how the inspection decals for the Radiator Expansion Tank (#3 & #7), as well as the inspection decals for the heater should be placed? Or does it matter? Thanks in advance.
Sticker Locations

If you order any stikers from Long Island Corvette Supply they give you a sheet which shows where stickers go, roughly. The people at LICS are not always pleasant to deal with, so be prepared.
LICS Customer Service Reps

I've heard elsewhere that LICS has CSRs in dire need of some old fashion supervision. I won't deal with because of the bad reputation their CSRs have. Too many other sources for parts/accessories with CSRs who at least act like they appreciate your business.
Bravo - LICS has a poor attitude, but Paragon is so nice and friendly. I like them a lot.
Dittos on Paragon. www.corvette-paragon.com . You should get an AIM (assembly manual) for your '67. You will be able to see how the factory did it. Also Nolan Adam's Corvette Restoration and Technical Guide Vol II '63-'67 is a must. I hear it is back in print and should be available from most Corvette suppliers or the NCRS book store www.ncrs.org . A NCRS Judging Manual would be a big help on your car also. Oops! Before you do that check the Portal for Classic Motorbooks or others that the CAC is linked to. You might get a better price. Tom
Many Thanks

Thanks VetteGuy66 and 59Tom. I've got the Factory Assembly Manual. I didn't find any guidance in that for those decals. But I'll get the other publications you've recommended. Thanks again.

Say - either today or tomorrow I am heading out to see my car at the shop where some more restoration work is underway. (That means where I am leaving lots o' cash, ha!) I may be able to find the paper that shows where stickers go. I could FAX it. I seem to recall that there are 3 stickers with 2 or 3 letters on them, like DM or something. I remember putting them on my new radiator a month ago. One went on each side and the other on the top(?)... but that is from memory and not sufficient to go by if you want to do it right. So, if I can dig up that sheet, I can FAX it.

Alternatively, the NCRS web site is full of guys (non-gender specific) who can tell you, but a picture, if it's correct, is worth 1,000 words. Man - this Vette hobby is bizarre, ain't it? I mean here we are, grown men getting serious about where silly stickers go on a car. Ha! It's trivial, true, but I am not planning to revise my personality, etc. on this. Good Luck!

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