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1969 historic racing



Im preparing a 1969 coupe for historic racing in australia. I have just bought the car and am preparing to strip it down to start the rebuilding from the ground up.Although its a few months off yet im looking to organise the drive train suspension and brakes early so i dont get too many surprises.I want help and advice on engine gearbox and suspension setups that work in road racing.Our circuits are a little tighter than those in the USA but any direction i can get on good engine builders availability of and sources of the muncie m22 gearbox , the heavy duty brake set up available in 1969 for these cars and race suspension setups. The engineblock and heads must from the option list brakes also. the gear box casing must be from the option list. Internal modifications are free in the gear box motor and differential. Springs shock absorbers are free but the shocks cant be externally adjustable brakes must be from the option list
can anyone help
glyn crimp
perth australia
'69 racer

That's quite a project but should be a lot of fun. In the task bar at the top of this page is the word "Portal". This is the best source for all things Corvette and it is part of the Corvette Action Center.

Under "Parts and Accessories-Brakes" you will find listed every major supplier of original equipment and aftermarket racing brakes for Corvettes. Those 2 pin Heavy Duty calipers were rare when new but I'm sure they are out there somewhere..

Under "Clutch and Transmission" the first listing is 4 Speeds by Darrell Shepard. Probably your best bet for the M-22 you want.

You didn't say what engine you are going to use but under "General Parts and Acc." you will find many Corvette parts stores and many of them have vast inventories of used parts. The block and heads you seek are probably lying on the shelf at one of these shops.

As far as suspension tuning, gear ratio selection and general construction and setup help you can't go wrong with Guldstrand Motorsports. Any Corvette racing fan knows of Dick Guldstrand. They are listed under the "Chassis and Suspension" area of the "Parts and Acc." section.

A search of these companies and a lot of emails should turn up the parts and services you need. Take some time to browse the entire Portal and I'm sure that you will agree that whatever you need is listed there.

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center,
We ran a '68 Vette race car masquerading as an '80 Vette (new bodywork). A couple of pictures are on our website photo gallery @ http://www.tropiczoneracing.com. Tex Powell makes dogring gears that I believe will fit a standard cage muncie or T-10, or use their T-101, which is an updated T-10 gearbox. The M-22 is over priced & over rated.

Brakes: You can make all the 2 pin brakes you want by grinding and drilling 2 holes (w/o phenolic pads), but why bother? Use stock calipers with new carbon pads or better yet, the Vette Products "O" ring stock calipers (fixes seal problems).

There are many articles, magazines, and Chevy power/book instructions on how, why, what to do, etc. One of the best is the article in the April '77 "Vette Power" magazine. If you have a particular question, email me and I can see what info I have.

On our race Vette, we used Hurst Airheart brakes w/ good pads, bias adjuster; 355 cu in, 850 holley 4 bbl; hooker side pipes; good roll cage; 1-1/8 anti-roll bar front only; 2 muncies and one T-10 for different ratios and 3.70, 4.10, 4.56 gears (rear tight posi); no power brakes or steering; HEI ignition, oil cooler-dry sump- 3 stage, steel A-arm bushings, rear heim-joint camber adjustment; Koni adj. shocks, springs: 550 front, 5 leaf rear; or better...use a glass rear spring from Vette Products in St. Petersburg, FL. For racing, NO rubber, NO urethane anywhere. Guldstrand has good parts too.


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