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My vette was built when I was in 11th grade. My dream has now come true. I came across it in a garage on the south fork of Long Island in my home town. The interior is shot but the body and frame are in great shape. She has every option but A/C. The motor (350-270) in not original. I need some input, do I go back to a (350-350) crate or go for a big block. The car does have a 427 hood for some unkown reason. I just retired from NYPD so I have the time and want to do an off body resto. in my garage. I would like to hear from those who have been there before. I want to do her just right, I plan on keeping her a long time. Thanks
OK I can't resist. 11 years of High School? :)
Your project sounds like a good one. Having the body and frame intact and in decent shape is a good starting point for a first (?) body off restore. (did you check the frame around where the rear trailing arms attach to the frame? Around the body mounts? Floorboards and bottom of the doors)
I think you will find a diverse pool of experience and opinions here. Big block/small block, modify/not modify. It really depends on what you want. All the parts are available, the only limits are your checkbook and your time.
Have fun!
Decissions, decissions

Welcome to the CAC Fishnuts. First off, I hope your name means that you like to go fishing. I would hate to think of the alternatives. You have asked one of the all time great questions..To big block or not to big block..That is the question.

Here is another thread that has wrestled with that question for awhile. Opinions are like :booty . Everybody has one. Fortunately we know that mine is always right. :D Congratulations on your retirement and I wish you many years of Corvetting.

Welcome To The Corvette Action Center Fishnuts!

Congratulations on your retirement, now you finally get to relax and do what you've been putting off for so many years. :upthumbs

Like Tom, I can't wait to hear the "Fishnuts" story. :gap

I'm sure you'll like it here, and if you ever have q question about anything, we're here to help. (To "Protect and Serve"?) :L
Im glad you have lots of time on your hands now...cause youre gonna need it for a frame off. Hope the P.D. Pension is hefty too :)

Im on my second 1970 . First one was a Conv. 350/300 automatic with only power steering. The one i have now is a 454/390 modified to 540 h.p./539 torque, 4 speed, and only power steering. The first one got 19 mpg. This one gets 13 on the highway. As far as performance goes....absolutely no comparison. As far as prestige and resale goes...no comparison. Can you tell which i prefer !? :)

Congrats on retirement and the vette and welcome to the CAC. Being a purist, I'd go for resto but in the same breath, I'm thinking of shopping for a coupe shark that's in subpar/mod shape so I can put a screamer under the hood and beefy tires and a 700R tranny. Go to some shows and check out some cars like yours; talk to some owners and make a decision you're going to be happy with. Make it the car you dreamed of in the 11th grade.
Welcome Fishnuts

I'm sure you'll like it here at CACC. Great site and even better people! Since you say your 70 does not have the original motor, I'd go with whatever you want, since "original" and "numbers matching" go hand in hand with the Vette-world, and your current engine, or new one, will not be the original.
Enjoy your retirement project. I'm sure it will be a great feeling when you've completed it and cruise around!
Here's a wave for you and your future drives! :w
Silver aka:Heidi
Enjoy retirement

Hi Fishnuts,,enjoy your retirement and Corvette. I know you deserve it. I worked at NYPD and NYC Transit PD back in the mid 70's. I didn't stay for retirement as NYC had some money problems and I was tired of snow.

Your in the right place for help with your vette. The people here will bend over backwards to help you with a question.
Hi Fishnuts,
Welcome to the forum and enjoy those pension checks..
I have caught many a fish but have never seen any with you know what..
I guess you must be nuts for fishing....:beer :L
The age old question . . . do I go factory stock or with mods? It's personal. For me, it's a combination . . . everything stock that can be seen . . . mods to anything that's buried. How much H.P. can I get out of a stock looking engine? What can I do to improve the brake calipers, without changing their appearance? Etc., etc.

I have no disdain for those that wish to modify. On the other hand, I love a well done factory stock Vette. Good luck on your project and congrats on your retirement.

Make it your dream car!

I say makeit your dream car! I dn't worry about originality. The changes I have made, are what make my car MINE. I have the 700R4 in mine, and one day would like to put a 383 in it.
I've had my eye on this SB ZZ-450 instead of a BB. Actually I'm planning on "cloning" the ZZ450 with another 350 I have. Since you already have a SB in there a SB-SB swap will be much easier than a SB-BB swap!

1970 Stingray said:
I've had my eye on this SB ZZ-450

Funny you should bring that up Len, I posted this a while ago: ZZ450. I wish we could get somebody with experience on it to speak up. ;)
Racer78 said:

what parts of body are steel? The floor pan and cowl are they fiberglass too?

Keith, on the older models the floors are solid fiberglass including the firewall. I will eventually cut the number of photos down to the more milestone developments as time goes on. I have a lot of photos of when the body came off the frame that are currently trapped on 35mm.

That cage looking thing you see is the actually "body frame" that is in all the C3 bodies. On a coupe, it would continue up and around like a roll bar to the windshield.

This area is often over looked during the restoration or purchasing process. It can be a source of major problems with water leaks around the cowl being the first tale tale signes of trouble.



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