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I'm looking for information on IDing a 70 LT1 corvette. My dad just picked up a 1970 vette that might be an LT1 car. I'm a camaro guy and have had numerous 70 z28's with LT1 engines but how do you decode a corvette? It has the correct console sticker(350/370hp) and an LT1 hood. Carb is incorrect but not sure what the casting number is for the intake. Any help regarding tach redline engine codes, head casting info etc would be great.

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center. I don't currently have the information here in front of me, but I will have it later tonight and will post the information here if nobody else does beforehand.
The 1970 LT-1 has many indentifing features that set it apart from the other engine options, that's not to say it can't be copied, but you are wise to research and know the facts. The most common engine suffix is CTK but could be either CTR or CTU, this can be found on the pad in front of the block and the engine casting number, found behind the driver side head, should be 3970010. The carb will be a Holley #R4555A and stamped 3972121, it should be a double pumper with only one feed line to a Y at the carb. The distributor will be #1111491 and the intake is aluminum high rise #3972110. The tach red lines at 6500. There should be a full size radiator 27" and there will be no expansion tank. I think this will help enough to get you through but if you need more info just let me know. If it is an LT-1 you got a nice car, only 1287 made that year. Good luck,

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