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1973 front bumper


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Nov 24, 2001
Mattituck,NY USA
1967 blue coupe, 1973drk. blue coupe
Hi everyone. I just picked up a 1973 vette that the previous owner had taken off the front bumper, for cosmetic reasons. Needless to say I'm now trying to figure out weather to buy a stock urethane bumper {which my friend in the body shop recomended} or I've been reading about a product called tru-flex bumper. It's supposed to be 70% more flexable than a straight glass bumper? Any recomendations would be appreciated! Is it something I could do or since I would have my friend paint it I should just let him install it?
Welcome to CACC.

If this is a nice restored car, and or all original I would most likely stick with the original style, and or including the truflex to give it more durability, but stock look and performance.

Otherwise, if this is a modified car, I suggest a fiberglass bumper. It may require a little extra fitting work to get it right on target, but unless you tap something with it, it will hold up better, longer, and not get wavey or develop that spider web look that gets in the rubber bumpers as the bumper flexes, but the paint doesn't.

Good luck.

eastnder, I installed a Tru-flex this year. After removing the original bumper the Tru-flex went on with no modifications. A friend used a fiberglass bumper he did a lot of grinding and sanding to get it to fit. It's easier if you have help but, you can do it your self. I also had someone else do the painting.

Thanks for the input. I ordered a tru-flex from Corvette World. Somebody else {in another thread} had a good experience with them so i'll give them a shot.Thanks again. Love this place!!!
I'd go with the fliexible fiberglass. i own a 74 conv't, and have replaced both front, and half of the rear bumber ('74 has 2 piece rear bumber) with original poly urethane.

even if you are going for ncrs top-flight, you will save money and headaches down the road by using the flex fiberglass. take the hit on points, and use the flex fiberglass.

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