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1976 Rear Speakers



As many of you know the 1976 corvette, and down I think, did not come with rear speakers. T-Tops off, windows down, radio cranked all the way up, and you can't really hear the best, even with replacement speakers. Has anyone out there put in rear speakers? I don't want to go with a box, as to there would be no room for my t-tops. Any help as to putting in rear speakers would be greatly appreciated.
Aug 29, 2001
Norcross, Georgia, United Stat
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I put in the boxes for my 6x9's and you're right, the T-tops won't go back there.

There are aftermarket units, Eckler's had them, I think, that appear to be thinner and give a finished look. I don't know whether or not that solves the problem.



I put Pioneer speakers in the back of mine. These are already in their own case and tucked right in over the wheel well and out of the way. There is no problem with puting your t-top back there.

Let me run out to the gargage and check the model no....Ok I'm back,,,their Pioneer TS-X 150. This is probably a old model no. as they chage them all the time. I also think when I bought these about a yr ago there was a upgraded model also but these were on sale. There not boob boom speakers in any way shape or form but they do sound decent and you can hear them. I think I would go with the better pair if I was to buy them again just in case they are better.

I had the boxes back there before this and not having a place for the tops really is stupid. Its the tops off ride I like and I don't like getting rained on and my car ruined ( thats when you left the tops home cuz you know it won't rain today). Puting the tops on the luggage rack I hate cuz it looks funny and to easy for someone to steal them. I am not sure I trust them not flying off the rack anyway, and that only beats up the tops and rack.

Go to a stereo site and you can probably find a picture of the Pioneer speakers in the factory boxes, and see if that will work for you.


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