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1977 custom convertible asking 8k



This time has finally come. I have watched carefully over this special car for 12 years. It has been garage kept while I had it. With a little TLC and the paint of your choice, this will make a nice roadster. The body is primer gray and has some aftermarket body parts. Minor body work may need to be done. (I'm not a body man.)


The interior has a full layer of sound-proofing and a full layer of heat-insulation. New custom carpet tops the floor. 1982 seats have been cleaned and dyed silver, along with the new center console. For a 30 year car, it looks quite nice inside.


The convertible soft-top is in place, but is in lousy shape. It will keep you dry during a surprise shower, but a new one is needed. A hardtop is also included, but it needs hardware.

The transmission is a brand-new TCI Streetfighter transmission with a 2400 stall convertor. There's about 8 months or so left on the TCI warranty. Perhaps 25 miles have been placed on this transmission.

The trailing arms have both been prof. rebuilt along with rotor run-out. All new s.s. hardware and poly bushings. New heavy duty rear struts and heavy duty u-joints (all). New VBP fiberglass leaf spring. New rear sway bar. New differential carrier and transmission bushings.

Exhaust sys.: Hooker super comp. headers/sidepipes. Jet Hot coating, silver, extra heat resistant) Spiral baffle inserts. not cheap mufflers or glasspacks. You cannot get a better exhaust than this!

Engine is not original. Stock 350 short block. Dart II Iron Eagle Heads. Large valves, s.s. guides, roller rocker arms. Edelbrock performer street rod cam, matching intake manifold and new 750cfm carb. 14" air cleaner allows for easy breathing. New Edelbrock roller timing chain, new harmonic balancer, new water pump, new power steering pump.

Radiator is aftermarket alluminum radiator. (cools 40% better than stock). New cooling and heater hoses.

The engine compartment is very clean and organized. Lots of chrome pulleys, brackets, springs and other goodies. The performance distributor is touched in blue and feeds the 8mm silicon blue wires on a custom loom.

As a bonus, I also have a pair of 1977 seats (needs attention), the stock air cleaner assembly, a chrome set of side mirrors, and a nice box of corvette nuts and bolts and things that may or may not come in handy. All emblems and body hardware are present. (either on car or in the box)

Headlights, tailights, blinkers, horn, and windshield wipers work. A new washer pump is included, but not installed or tested. The vehicle is street legal and driveable. May it go to a good home.

More pics:
here are a few more pics.

The car will be going to Ebay very soon.

All 4 brake calipers were professionally rebuilt w/o-rings and stainless steel sleeves. New metallic brake pads. New S.S. braided brake lines.




Looks pretty good I am looking for a project steel bumper car, but may be persuaded to go with a rubber one. Don't care for the spoiler and don't really need a car with a engine and trans as I have a 383 TKO to go in it.
I'm bidding on one now high bidder but not yet at reserve :D
PM me before you put it on Ebay.
Craig sr.
What part of Louisiana are you in?
I'm in Baton Rouge, La. Not far from Mississippi.

Tonight is Ebay night. I'll PM interested folks right before.

Since Ebay has fees, I will consider offers.

I was hoping to be able to buy this car but it doesn't look to good now.
If only I had a truck and trailer.:cry
I have an open air trailer! (and a truck to haul it)
Just gotta find the time and a spare oil rig

Maybe you can get a gig up here and deliver it on the way ;LOLor you could take a vacation and come to Carlisle with us.
I know how expensive shipping can be!! I'm gonna do the Ebay thing this evening. I should be able to get more bucks for it anyway. I just wanted to give ActionCenter members a chance first, since so many people here actually helped me with advise in rebuilding it.

thanks to all!

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