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1978 corvette in storage


John 1

I just purchased a 1978 Silver Anniversary corvette, with 20672 miles, that has been in storage for 8 years. It was put up by GM specifications, drained oil and filled up with a motor preservative, drained radiator and re-filled with antifreeze, drained gas tank, removed wheels and set car on blocks. It was stored in a garage for 6 years and outside, covered up for 2 years. It has a 4 speed transmission. Should I replace the grease in the transmission and rear end, before I run it, and if so what weight and type do I replace it with. Also what would be a good high performance motor oil and what weight should I use?
John 1

I'm not sure what the weather is like where you are, but to the north the changing temps cause some problems. Quite often a quick warm up causes moisture to form at the air/liquid line in the in everything you can think of. This adds moisture internally and sometimes causes a little flash rusting. IMHO I would run the car on the road for 25-50 miles to warm everything up and mix it around and then drain/change all the fluids. I like Castrol 10-30 for for the engine though any premium oil is fine. The manual transmission Is SAE 80-90 gear lube and the positrac rear is GM positrac lube with the additive all in it, or SAE 80-90 plus 1 bottle of GM positraction additive. Just make sure you put the additive in first so that it all goes in. I think I would also re-pack the front wheel bearings and re-lube the rear ones before I went too far.


Always nice to see Silver Anniversaries! ;)

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