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1978 Silver anniversary with 26k miles



I just picked up a 1978 Silver Anniversary edition Corvette with 26k miles and in mint condition for 12K. Did I pay to much?
Welcome to the Corvette Action Center and congratulations on the new Vette. I don't think you paid too much at all.
Sounds like a great deal. With that price I'm sure you'll be a happy camper with this one. When I purchased my Vette I had narrowed the choice down to two. One a S/A and the other a '77. The S/A was in Texas and the '77 was in Iowa. Seeing Iowa was closer to home I stopped there first an fell in love with the Corvette Orange paint. Cased closed. However the S/A still peaks my interest and I truly love the Oyster interior with the paint scheme of the S/A's. So quite possibly a S/A will be in my future. Congrats on your purchase and post a picture so we all can take a gander at your new ride. :)
unclerico ~ Welcome to The Corvette Action Center Community ~

I agree with Rob. It sounds like it is a fantastic 1978 Silver Anniversary. I've had buyers regret about some of the Corvettes I've purchased, UNTIL I started it up and went for a ride :D that always seemed to eliminate any regrets I had.

I'm partial to "Sharks" and I've owned each generation with exception of the C5. You are in very good company here, our "Sharks" are plentiful and we have quite a few Silver Anniversary Sharks in the waters here ;)

Please let us know more about your Corvette, options and a picture of her/him would sure be nice too :D and if you need any assistance with the photo, we're here to lend a hand. Enjoy your ride with us and in your new Anniversary.

Earlier this year I saw a low milage 78 SA listed at an appraised value of $23,000. Do yourself a favor, get it appraised by a competent, knowledgeable shop and then insure it for the appraised value.


Every time I see a car advertised with 15-30K miles at that age I get the shivers. I could just as easily have 115-130K miles. Unless you have accompanying documentation to prove the mileage I'm always somewhat skeptical. However, mint condition is hard to fake, so if you've looked it over, had a reputatble shop concur it's originality, I'd say you got a pretty sweet deal. Enjoy and please, post some pictures when you can. Welcome to the CAC. Lots of folks here to share your passion for Corvette's.

Regards...... Nut :grinsanta
They're out there!!
I talked with about a half dozen folks while we at the NCM last summer that had between 9 & 11k miles on 81's and 82's. Our buddy Trent had 15k I believe. But like you said Bob, look close and be careful.:xmas


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