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1979 corvette need help with everything all advice and help welcome



hi my first corvette
I like input from people TO help make it an enjoyable experience
it needs TLC and NEED some good vendors for parts also trouble areas to look for
leather seats cracked buckskin carpet same color
heard some rear suspension problems cracking rear cross members
drivers door handle sags hard to open the door from opens fine from the inside
passenger door glass drags post rear of the car
needs weather stripping around the doors and t tops
windows go up and down at 300 mph
needs exhaust gasket or manifold on drivers side
valve covers leak oil
I would like some input on general maintenance
people that have quality good parts its not a show car so price and value is very important it is a father son type project
also left rear wheel seams towed out more than right side
any help or suggestions or comments are very welcome and appreciated
IM hoping it to be a fun time not a nightmare
thank you in advance


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Apr 4, 2002
Parker, Colorado
'67 327/350-'73 LS4-'76 L48-'79 L82
Congrats on you new '79

Randy, all the items you mentioned are "normal' items that need repair on a car that is twenty three years old.

My '79 I have had only about two months and most of the problems you mentioned on your car I have on mine.

Valve cover gaskets leaking etc. I changed my cover gaskets not only because they were leaking, but someone had put the valve covers on the wrong side making is very difficult to add motor oil with the oil cap under the fender air cleaner duct!

I have already used Ekler's and Mid America and of course Chevrolet on some parts and repairs.

I bought the valve cover gaskets from Chevrolet and after looking around I think I could have found a much better (lower) price for these through repo dealers such as Ekler's.

You have chosen a very good year Corvette to purchase, the production numbers of around 53k units for '79 also confirm the acceptance of the consumers back in 1979.

Good luck with your car and enjoy driving it.

Save the Wave.

Aug 29, 2001
Norcross, Georgia, United Stat
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Welcome to the CAC. This place is a great hlep with people that really want to further the Corvette experience.

Your car sounds like mine 10 months ago. I prioritized mine on the basis of safety, mechanical and cosmetic and then just did the work as I could afford it.

Do a search of the site on whatever subject you need assistance or information and you will find numerous posts on the subject. If you need additional help post. When I was working on parts of my car it was not uncommon for me to get stuck, post, get a beer and come back and find someone had suggested something that got me through.

Good luck with your project. You will find that it becomes an encompassing part of your life, particularly as you see progress.



Hi there. You can pick up some decent gaskets from either Fel-Pro or Mr.Gasket. Usually these can be found in any decent parts store like Autozone. Shouldn't be more than $10, but you could pop for the better ones at $15 or so.

I've never seen a rear crossmember crack, but what does happen sometimes is that the differential cover will crack at the mounting ears. This is a $85-$100 part from places like Muskegon or Vette Brakes& Products. If that's what you need.

The toe-in of the rear wheel would be directly affected by the strut rods. These run from under the differential to each wheel. Sometimes in order to get the alignment right, shops will bend these arms. You don't want that at all! Maybe the bushings are just worn and all you need is an alignment. You'll probably need new shims for the trailing arms too. These sit in a pocket in the frame ahead of the rear wheel.

Sagging door handles were a problem I faced. Instead of shelling out the $60 ea. for repos, I used a steel tab that brings tension back to the spring. No disassembly is required and it cost around $10 or so. Corvette Central sells them at $6.95 each, part #283012. Mid-America #14017 @ $14.95 a pair.

Hopefully others will chime in with more specifics. This is a great way to secure that father/son bond. Good luck!



1st Corvette

I have just joined this forum myself and since we are practically neighbors(Peoria,Il.) I thought I would respond as my first and only Corvette was also a 1979 that needed a lot repairs. First thing you need to do is check out that rear wheel and suspension as when I bought mine you could poke a screwdriver thru the trailing arms on rear suspension. I am surprised they didn't break completely. Next I would suggest that you buy the original GM service manual,assembly manual and parts book if you can find one. I have all of these so email me if you need any info. Also remember that it is a Chevrolet and many parts are the same but most parts stores will tell you they don't have it if they now you are looking for Corvette parts. I have rebuilt mine from the front to rear minus major engine and gear train work,and I did it a little at a time so I could enjoy it and drive it between repairs as it will never be perfect but I have put about 50,000 on it in 5 years. I hope you and your son enjoy the time together working and driving your car.



Make a battle plan

...from Safety, to Reliability and finally Cosmetics.

Enjoy the process, and pace yourself (and your checkbook!).
How old is your son? Will he drive it too, when it is completed? I think that is great that you and your son will share this experience and that you will be passing on your gear-head knowledge. So many kids today don't want to get dirty or work for anything. They just want it handed to them. I'm sure your son will appreciate the time you both spend together on this project!

Get several Corvette repair manuals, not all are created equal, each has different explanations and pictures/diagrams. With several to go by, at least one will be sure to have an explanation or pic for you to understand for each project.

Here are some 800 #s for Vette catalogs;
800-327-4868 Ecklers
800-500-VETT MidAmerica
800-962-9632 Zips
800-345-4122 Corvette Central
800-882-4688 Paragon
800-418-5397 Van Steel
I'd like the number for Vette Brakes & Parts if someone has it handy?

ps Welcome Randy & Ron! :w


Silver.... Vette Brakes & Parts is 800-237-9991, VBandP.com



thanks for all the great advice and please DON'T STOP ! !
IM hoping it to be fun for us
my son is 16 and yes he will be driving the car
in fact he has had it all weekend by the way "were is he "
any one see an 1979 black vette with a kid ginning ear to ear
but really I have always wanted one any vette
this one was priced right but it needs some help
and I have never been on a web sight that people were so nice and forward with help
its like a family deal I cant wait to go to my first corvette show if this is how everyone is
you people are great and so much help
keep the advice coming I check this web site everyday and then go out and see if that problem does exist in the car if anyone tells me to look for a problem area
it has been fun so far
we have several cars here that he can drive but he likes the vette the best so far
we also have a 1966 galixe 500 show car
a 1970 olds cutlass with a 671 blower on it customized in 1975 and still in the same shape
a 1979 malibu race car 477 CU back halved certified chassis that I race cant get him behind the wheel yet maybe this weekend
and a show motorcycle its a replica of a top fuel bike with a side car 19 1/2 wide rear tire he has only went around the block on it but IM running out of space so IM done buying and going to have to sell some of the toys to make the vette nice
again thanks for all the help advice and encouragement
and welcoming a beginner into your family
yours sincerely

Fred's Vettes

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Jun 26, 2002
Rochester,NY USA
1969 Blue/Black 1969 Green/Green Project
I found the best weatherstrip and any rubber parts supplier is Corvette Rubber Company. They are the suppliers to all the catalogs and you can deal direct with them and save a $ or two. Their items are all USA made which also is a plus. You can order online or by phone. www.corvette-rubber.com or 1 888 216 9412. Enjoy your venture with the vette. The best way to learn about them is to fix them. Good Luck, Fred


Help with your new 1979


We will be glad to help you & your son with your 1979. I owned a 1979 L-82 4-spd for several years. Get me your address & I will send you a catalog. We are in Effingham, IL. Stop by & say Hello! Our big show is Sept. 21 & 22.

Good Luck & have fun with your '79!

Steve Wiedman
Exec. Vice President - Mid America Designs
steve.wiedman@madirect.com (217) 540-4301

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