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1980 corvette drivers outside mirror



my outside deivers mirror vibrates when i drive above 25mph...so i took my door panel off and got to the mirror.the screws that hold the mirror to the door doesn't have anything to do with the glass mirror....i can't find any adjustment....help
Good Question

I've seen this asked before.. and I don't recall anyone got an answer..

I just looked through both my Service Manual and my Assembly Manual. I don't see any adjustment for the MIRROR only. I would think there would be an allen screw or something but niether of these two books show anything..??

Since I've never had one apart, I really don't know if there is or isn't an adjustment or some form of tightening mech for just the mirror.. Good Question..


Tom ~ I see how to remove the mirror and about the gasget/spacer between the door and the mirror but I still dont see anything about tightening the mirror only portion of the mirror..

I too posted in that thread :D about the spacer.. Thanks, maybe I read too fast or "just what I want too" sometimes I do that.. saves time ;)

loose mirror

if i take the mirror off the car i still can't get to the mirror so ther isn't any sense in taking off the mirror from the door...i need the fix to get the mirror tight inside so it doesn't wabble or move
loose mirrors

Most of the wobbling is caused by loose housing and pedestals.

I don't know if you can get in to tighten the actual mirror. We tightened the screw inside the pedestal at the housing...that cured the worst of the jiggling, however I do still see a slight vibration at hwy speeds. Hubby thinks there may be a way to tighten the remote adjustment cable, but he's not sure. All our Corvette books are in storage. We may delve further into it after we get moved.

Perhaps you could try and bring this to Steve or Mikes's attention...they may have a better answer.


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