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1980 corvette's



Why does everyone always leave the 80 ' vette out of most everything ?? do you know how hard it is to find 1980 corvette collector diecast models... it's weird but it almost seems that there
is a conspiracy against the 80 ' vette....anyone else feel this way......

Carl ~ I've seen the same thing...not a damn thing for the 1980. Lot's of stuff for the 78's and 82's. Have looked for some of the same things you have....and they just aren't there. :mad
Don't think the 80 gets any respect because it was
just a throw together of leftovers. It was lightened up a few hundred pounds, but nothing much else...except for the 305 option I have, courtesy of the California smog nazis. But it runs fine and I'll keep my DoG. :beer
If by some freak chance, I run into some 1980 stuff, I'll let you know for sure.

the DoG
80 promo

I'll make sure Carl sees this too ! :upthumbs

the DoG
1980 pic's

here are the pictures of my 1980 white corvette
Thanks for the links i am sure they'll be used...i have stated collecting corvette models , another hobby i guess..

OU OU guess what. I never even thought of a model in my life until I saw an original 1974 still in the shrink wrap from 1974 on e-bay. I became crazed an had to have it no matter what it cost.
I got it LOOK LOOK, of course I'll never put it together or open it.
I took this pic with my dig camera LOOK
It's not an '80, but since you showed your '74 Chick ;), I thought I'd show this


...Signed by the man himself Dick Guldstrand. :D


You lucky dawg you!! :) I don't even have one of those. Hard to get, really!
Hang on to that kit and don't ever open it!


In '64 and '65 when I was switching from model cars to the real thing Iwas still buying models. Not too many got put together. I have a MPC '64 Corvette, a '63 Corvette, a Monogram 1/8 scale '65 FI coupe a '59 El Camino and some other stuff. Of course they have been opened and then sat in the closet for years. The idea was to assemble them when I had the time to do them right. Still waiting.

I've been Collecting dealer promos since '74 as well as die cast and a few 250 series Ferraris. I won't even get started on the Dale Earnhardt stuff. I would need to build another garage to display it all.

Maybe we could get a Corvette model forum started for all of us that enjoy our Corvettes in miniature too. Sounds like fun to me.

A Corvette model forum is a good idea. Ive got models of a '63 coupe, the ZL-1 at Rogers Corvette in Florida, a '96 GS roadster, and a '97 C5 coupe, all in 1/18th scale. Then we go to my John Lightning, Matchbox, and Hotwheels cars...

Oh, and I cant forget the 1/10th scale C5-R remote control car I got for Christmas. They are all out of the boxes and I've got them on display on a window sill. (the fire place mantle is off limit's, or so my Girlfriend says:))


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