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1981 air intake



hey guys i new to this site today..

i have a 1981 in which i have already switched the headers, intake mainfold ignition and carb. I went with the elderbrook performe carb and intake. after doing this I could not close the hood properly using the stock air cleaner with the ram air intake.

right now a have a puney low profile aircleaner. has any one found a way to get somthing simular to stock back in there so you can utilize the ram air ports. That will fit under the hood

the fews time i ran it with the hood forced shut it seamed to make a big diffrence in power
Air Cleaner

Try looking into a drop base air cleaner. It lowers the height about an inch and a half and you can still have a 14 inch element on it. I would NOT recomend forcing the hood down as when the engine revs it torques to the right and will damage the hood. I had the same problem with my 62 until I bought a hood with an L88 scoop glassed in to give me about a 4 inch rise.
I had the same problem om my 81, you could have someone fabricate and weld in a new base to your existing ramair fliter. Or you could use a dropbase aftermarket filter and then use the original flexi hose to direct the cool air to it.

I tried a dropbase filter and then had to use a very thin filter. The hood did shut but the performance definately suffered. On the dyno I lost a surprising 20hp so I opted for a more radical approach, which might not be to everyones taste, I cut the hood and bought a Hilborn scoop. The only problem with this is that the engine is not in the middle leaving the scoop popping thru slightly off centre.

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Try a search of this forum using "intake manifolds" as a key word. I know that this subject has been discussed at length and there are high perf manifolds that allow the hood to close. You might have to change yours to get what you want.

They do make a high rise hood for the 80's series hood it gives you about 2" and looks like the stock hood only 2"higher.

I have a similar set-up on my 81. I have ample hood clearence using a 14" open style filter with a 2-1/8" element. I am getting plenty of air, for my slightly modified engine. I am considering changing the lid to a K & N, Xstreme filter lid. The only draw back is the hefty price tag. I'm somewhat surprised that the stock air filter assembly didn't fit using the Performer manifold. I was quite certain that this manifold left enough room, while the Performer RPM did not. At any rate the open set up will fit and is available in chrome at the local parts store for about $20.

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