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1981 Aluminum wheels


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Feb 9, 2001
Shreveport, LA
1981 silver/blue: two tone
I have custom wheels that have to use a spacer. I bought the car like this. I am getting POed at these wheels, lugs backing off etc. Does anyone have any used wheels for this 1981 at a reasonable price. Look forward to hearing from you. This forum has been very helpful on all my previous requests. I appreciate all the support and look forward to meeting some of you some time. Thanks. Jeff

I've seen the orig. wheels on Ebay before, I think they sold for around $200 or $250 here are a couple of direct hyperlinks to the 1981 and the 81 Corvette sites on Ebay 1981 Ebay and 81 Ebay Good Luck:)
AFS makes GS and ZR-1 aftermarket rims..less than $1000..good quality
What a deal I got...Last year I got a hold of 4 1978 Aluminum Wheels still in the original plastic bags and boxes.They are on the Vette now...Price $400.00
I still have the original 1981 wheels with P255 60 15,I think my brother wants them for his "75" if not you can have em for $500.00

Ed, Sounds like a deal. Why did you change them out? Anyway, I would like to get those wheels within the next couple of weeks if possible.. Just let me know.
Jeff, the reason I changed the wheels ....I like the Black
Centers on the 78 wheels....ya don't have to polish them:D I will try to get hold of my brother to see if he wants them. Will let you know

We might make a swap. I can send my wheels to your brother. They are 295R15 on the back and 265R15 on the front. I will try and send a picture via your email

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