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Question: 1981 exhaust manifolds


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Aug 4, 2007
Brampton, Ontario
1981 White
Can somebody list a specific part number from one of the more well known suppliers for some 1981 exhaust manifolds? I don't need the AIR tubes but I just want to replace the originals and put a new exhaust system on it. Nothing fancy, it is just a driver. Any other part numbers would be very much appreciated also. I am in Canada so I have to ship it here.

Thanks Guys/Girls.
I'm not aware of a reproduction parts sorce for these manifolds. I bought a pair off Ebay a few years ago cheap for my truck project. I removed the AIR tubes and welded up the holes plus a few cracks in the factory welds. Then I blasted them and coated them with Eastwood stainless exhaust coating. They come out real nice.

There are a few places where you may be able to get a nice used pair. Watch Ebay for one. Also contact J&D Corvette. They have a lot of salvage cars and parts. I have bought from them as far back as 1971 and I know others that have had good experiences there too on used parts.

There is a pair on e-bay right now...
one thing to keep in mind the '81 exhaust manifolds were a one year only manifold.I don't see why you couldn't use another tear if your not going to use AIR system.
'81s were the first year for the tubular manifolds. They were also 2" outlets. They were enlarged to 2 1/2" outlets in '82. You could use cast iron earlier ones but they are expensive new. If you are going to buy used you might as well get the right ones.


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