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1981 nos front bumper emblem on ebay

I got 2 new,front and rear emblems on ebay,genuine GM in factory boxes for $40.00 for both! Understand the front ones for an 81 are getting hard to find new.
phxraptor - That was a good buy! Those front emblems are extremely hard to find,especially nos. $40 both is great!

phxraptor, are you selling or did you snag that great buy? I recently bought a rear and as everyone else, need a new front, the clear covering is all sun and heat damaged, looks a little blurry. The one I got from E-bay the guy said it was for '81, but when I got it the metal is stainless, not black. I'd like to keep the car all original, but I do like the stainless look, especially since ny rear window trim is mostly stainless, black has been washing and wiping off.
I bought them for use later,when I need them. The ones on my car are not the best either. Some of the Vette catalogs show them for sale but says call for price.:beer
If anyone is interested I live in the area called the southern tier of NY, Binghamton, Endicott, Johnson City and also Elmira Horseheads. I would look at this for you if you like, I have a new one and don't need another but will help some one if interested.

It took me 1 year to find a replacement for mine and many tried to tell me that the silver was original also but that is for 1980. Finding a new one is very rare, best of luck.

Chuck (chockey)

If you need a nose emblem I have a used one in pretty good shape, You are welcome to it, just contact me via email with you address and I'll send it along to you.

Every year at Carlisle I look for one just because. Each year I find one. Can't have enough of them. Someone always needs one. I've always been curious why that particular nose emblem is so rare but not the '80 emblem which should be just as rare. Hmmm.

$40 for NOS was a sweet deal. Good job.

Later............ Nut
I'm looking for 1. If anyone does have one for sale, email me...or could someone give me the GM part#. I've got a friend that is heading to Carlisle this spring and I'll have him pick it up for me.


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