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1984 Courtesy lights



My courtesy lights in my 1984 Corvette have a habit of coming on and draining the battery in the middle of the night.

How do I change this from a time delay system to an on and off system when I open and close the door.


Neil Cohen


Welcome to the Corvette Action Center Community, (CACC). I'm sure some knowledgeable person here will have an answer for you question. In the meantime check out the features of this site. Rob has done an excellent job in puting it together.
Neil, Welcome. I dont know how to change the time. But check your switches on the door and the hatch. If they are shorting or something, they might cause the light to come on. There is also a timer thingy somewhere in there. Tell you what. Go here: http://www.enteract.com/~mikew/cgi-bin/Ultimate.cgi. hese people can help you out. Later!! :)

Regarding my interior lights coming on and draing the battery in the middle of the night.

I have removed the door plunger switches that illuminate the interior lights and now the battery stays fully charged. I tested the switches (drivers and passenger door) for shorts and they seem fine but I chose to leave them off the car.

Anyone's thoughts?

same thing started happening to my 87( luckily spotted it before they killed the batt.) i found that a slight push inwards on the door (in this case the drivers side door) would cause the lights to go right out again. So culprit? the dor switches while they test fine, they are simply not having enough pressure applied to keep them open. As weather gets colder parts contract, and switch closes again ( read as door open) so lights come on.
My 84 did the same thing . I replaced the delay timer under the drivers side of the dash and that took care of it . It was a small black rectangular box . A friend trained in electronics told me it was probably a capacitor bleeding in the unit . Cliff
listen to dkbg, he's right.
The module is under the passenger dash, taped into a harness.
Perhaps someone here can give a "visual"
Ha! And I thought that I put that tape on there!! I've been in there so many times I forget what I did last. :L

_ken :w

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