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Question: 1984 odometer


Dec 9, 2007
The odometer has stopped working. Is it driven by a cable? The '84 odometer is the old kind that the numbers roll over. Not digital. I am removing the main cluster to check connections, so I will be in there poking around. Just wanted to know about the odometer before I got there.
Thanks. I got the motor out. I can't turn the gear at all. So a new one is on its way.
Thanks. I got the motor out. I can't turn the gear at all. So a new one is on its way.

Thats normal...you cannot turn the gear. If you can, its broken ! It has around 12 reduction gears inside that case. Much like a watch. It has to turn very very slowly....

Although that is no diagnosis, turning the gear, the motor failing is likely. They sell on FleaBay for $35 new.
Just a follow up.....the odometer motor was bad. A new one the miles are clicking by.
Same problem on 85, odometer not counting up.

Hi, new member of this group.

I also have an issue with the odometer in my 85 C4.
The odometer does not count up when driving.
I have the cluster out doing a lens colour upgrade and new LED backing lights, so decided to deal to the odometer at the same time.
The cluster works okay, all displaying as they should, it's only the odometer. From what I have read so far if the speedo was not working then the odometer would fail too.
But my speedo is working.
Is there any way, from a home workshop setup, can I test the motor?
It might just be quicker to buy a replacement, but I would like to find out whether it's the motor or the source (from the board) that has failed. (If a new motor fails then it's something on the board)

Source of supply is limited here in NZ, so it's not as if I can go down the road, so to speak to get a replacement part. Ebay is good, but some don't want to ship outside the US, and I have also had purchased and paid items never turn up.

Regards for any help Kevin.
No way that I know of to test the motor. It runs on variable voltage and it runs so slow that you might not see it running. DO NOT attempt to disassemble...its like a watch inside with 17 reduction gears that tend to fall apart when you move the cover. 99% of the time the motor is the problem so just plan on replacing it.

I got my last one from Ebay. Email the seller and make payment thru paypal. They sell NEW motors for $35 plus shipping.
What Were Your Search Parameters

but I can show you more than one seller of NEW motors.

Boomdriver, I would be interested in what you used to search for the motor.
I tried 3 different ways of wording the seach and got the same results, but only used motors.
I don't really want to go with a used one, as it's a long way if I find it does not work, or stops working not long installed. Besides the postage is just about the price of the motor.
I have however found out that a local Corvette guy has some for NZ$135.00 + our local tax (15%), so I might go this way, it should then last another 100K.
Thanks to all for your advice. Regards Kevin.
I went to the one referenced in the post. This part has been LONG discontinued.

Like most things automotive...this little speciality motor has other applications. The one that I bought just a few months ago was'nt covered with dust from sitting on the back edge of somebodies shelf.

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