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1984 Vet A/C ?


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Oct 10, 2002
1984 Gunmetal Met

I have 84 vet (30K orig miles), had the AC (R12 freon) serviced in 1999, since then I have driven 3K miles and the A/C was not used for months.

When I had the A/C serviced, they replaced the hi & low sensor switch, removed the R12 / Oil, added Ester Oil and 3 lbs of R12 Freon.

Now after 1-2 years of not using the AC, the AC is not blowing cold air.

The repair shop said they it sounds like the o-rings have shrunk, since the AC was not used to keep them oiled and sealing the R12.

So, I am gonna add a can (12 oz) of R12 Freon and see if the cold air will return.

BUT, here's my ?:

If the O-rings are shrunk and not properly oiled, I am thinking that I should run the AC as is for awhile to allow the Ester Oil to pump-up the o-rings, allow them to seal properly prior to adding the R-12 Freon.

Does this make sense, and if so how long should I run the AC prior to adding the R12?

Other comments?

In advance, thanks . . .


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Mar 12, 2002
East Haven, CT- USA
84 Coupe
If the compressor isn't engaging you will have to add at least a pound of R12 in order for it to work...If the o rings are dried out I doubt the oil will help them...You can add some dye and see where its leaking then repair...or you can add some sealant if the leak isn't that big. Here some info for you...it even has vids... http://www.id-usa.com/


Hi, I just went through this with my 84. Look all around your compressor for oil leaks first. Mine had been leaking R12 and the oil usually mists out with it from the compressor seal. Compressor seized so I replaced all the O rings, compressor, accumulator and O tube. Flushed the system real thouroghly and it is good. The original 22 year old O rings looked good and were not leaking and the system did not work for several years. If all looks well, find someone with an electronic leak detector . They work great. Try this forum. It is great!! http://www.autoacforum.com/

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