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1984 Vette Steering Wheel Removal


Well-known member
Mar 30, 2005
Chicago, Illinois
1984 Brilliant White Coupe, Targa Top
Does anyone have a write up on the process to remove and r install a steering wheel in a 84. I have purchased a new one from ecklers. No airbags involved. Thanks in advance!

Hi Kevin, I'm not going to be a lot of help but, as I remember : Getting it off is pretty straightforward, providing you have a puller. The tricky part, for me,was the fiddly bits getting the telescoping section together. Just a little time consuming........Roger.:w
Hi Kevin, If the telescoping part is working at present, then you'll see how it goes together, when you're taking it apart. It's not difficult to see, it's just that you need three hands to reassemble it, as I remember. I'm sure someone on here can give you a better discription of what's entailed.....Roger.

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