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1985 Restoration Question



I recently bought a beautiful 1985 black coupe.

Needs some paint and interior cosmetic pieces (and transmission...but that's another story!:( ).

I'm currently working on my door panels. Everything is there and looks pretty good, but I need to reattach the carpeted strip on the lower portion of the door. What's the best type of adhesive to use?

Any info. is appreciated!
Thanks Ken.

Would that apply to the vinyl also. I was just looking at it and the vinyl lip under the top edge of that carpet is raised off of the backing. Looks like there's backing, then the vinyl, and then the carpet. I'm guessing that the vinyl lip is supposed to be glued down to the backing and then the carpet on top of it.

I'm making a before and after scrap book, but so far there's just a lot of before pictures. This is going to take some major time!
They've got everything you need in the way of adhesives. I believe 3M is what the factory uses as well. ;)

Oh yeah, it's gonna take you some time, but the results will be satisfying. :upthumbs Be prepared though to be getting into some pretty close quarters when you are working on the interior. :r

_ken :w

Many of the adhesives are spray adhesives. You may want to mask off the areas that will not receive the adhesive. Sometimes the spray can end up on a part where you do not want it and it can become very difficult to remove. I have used 3-M Trim and Tac and Permatex Headliner and Carpet Adhesive with good results.

We use Performance High-Temp trim adhesive. Works great on headliners and carpet. It's a rather expensive spray on, but I've not found anything better. It's made by R.J. Ackaway & Asso in Norcross Ga.

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