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1985 rims on a 1990-they work fine


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Hey guys, check this out. I decided not to burn up my new Bridgestone SO2s on the Autox track. I dug out these old 1985 rims with shaved down BFG Euro ZR T/A radials.

Since these are just for racing, I thought I would have some fun with them. This yellow paint makes them POP.

The really weird thing is, they fit the car almost perfect. In fact, you can hardly notice a difference in the way they sit in the fender.

Did not get to use them today as the event was rained out.
I did not say they look good!

In fact, I wanted them to look crazy. Otherwise, I might as well made the car look five years older at a glance with those old saw mill rims.

I am excited about this, because I can burn these tires to the ground this season and nobody will cry about it!

It just surprised me they fit so well. I know if I had tried putting 90 rims on a 85 they would not fit at all without spacers.
Just kidding ya Chris. ;)

As a matter-of-fact, I like the style of the earlier C4 wheels. It's just that yellow was such a shock when I first saw them! :L

_ken :w
I have a set of those faker covers that go on the 84-87 rims and make the center solid, kind of like a 88-89 17" style. Nikki bought them for me when we were just dating back in 1990 or so.

Anyway, I wanted to paint them yellow and have her do a smiley face on each one. Yes that is crazy, but I think you get the picture. It is for autocross and drag racing, so I might as well have fun.

Well, I went up in the attic, and could only find three of the discs. I already bought a can of yellow NASCAR approved spray paint, and had about an hour in a half on my hands to kill (seeing as how the big block is just sitting on the floor waiting for a flywheel).

So, I decided just to paint the whole rim yellow. They actually came out pretty nice. I was thinking how hot these would have looked back in the 80's when everything was monochromatic. I want to get some SCCA stickers and put them on there for the added effect.

BTW, we went to the autox event today only to leave due to a the rain. Ended up driving the car to Church just like you see it. I was getting some strange looks in traffic!

Total investment less than $5.00. One can of yellow paint, half a can of primer I already had, some masking tape I already had, a scotch bright pad I already had, some Dupont final clean I already had, and a garbage bag to mask of the tire.
Hey that's..........



looks like my kids RC car!


Hmm. What is the size of the old tires--are they 17 inch? The standard size was changed from 16 to 17 inch for the '89 year.

Also I think my 17's are 9.9 inch (275/zr40X17). Your Z51 is wider than than, isn't it?

Lots less rubber on the road for you..

And by the way, yellow looks great.

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