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Hello all,

I just turned 16 and am going to buy an 85 Vette:J I was wondering if anyone has stats on the 85 with 4+3 speed trannys. Like 0 to 60, 1/4 Mile and anyother times and interesting facts. by the way I'm new to Vettes so if there is anything I should watch out for when buying an 85 could somebody tell me.


PS I'm new to the board and I love it everyone seems very nice thanks again

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center. Up above, click on the Specifications link, then pick 1985. Although we don't have performance data in there yet, it will be coming soon. You should be able to find any other specifications that you're looking for there. Good luck.
Hey Blackbelt, welcome to the club:D.....I took my '85 to the track when it was bone stock. The only thing that I did to prepare was throw on a set of Mickey Thompsons, & the car turned consistent 14.20's. Not bad for a bone stock Vette with 55,000 miles:) You'll have a blast with the car.....'85 is a good year:)

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center Blackbelt.

An '85 sounds like fun. Good luck with it. If you have any questions feel free to come back and ask.

85 vette

I have owned a 1985 vette for about 10 years and I can say that its one of the best vettes Ive ownedbut if I was 16 the thing I would be looking at would be INSURANCE COSTS make sure you have this covered or your dream will become a nightmare!!other than that the only thing ID say is that the 700r4 auto trans is stronger and cheaper to fix and with a good shift kit quicker than the 4 speed overdrive trans. its also less likely to miss a gear and blow your engine,thats just 40 years expearance talkin. have fun!!
GREAT CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :W: :W:

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