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1988 Corvette Engine Specs



I bought a classic Chevy with tuned port fuel injection. I was told that the engine was out of a 1988 Corvette. It has aluminum heads, but it is only a 2 bolt main and does not have a roller cam. Could it still be a 1988 Corvette motor?

Nope. :(

Well, I guess it makes a difference as to what you are calling the "engine". All '88s had four-bolt mains, aluminum heads and roller cams that's for sure. ;)

_ken :w
Casting numbers on block & heads

AND the Vin # on the engine

Get that info and we will have better info. for you
1988 corvette motor?

The engine was redone by Street and Performance in Mena, Ark. Numbers were planed off on the heads.

The only numbers I could find are on the block. They are CFD 548.

Does this help?


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