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1988 Leaking Master Cylinder



It looks as though I have a small break fluid leak where the master cylinder bolts to the booster.

Is this a sign of a bad master cylinder? Is replacing one something better left to a pro. I consider myself pretty good with cars, especially on a part so easily accessable.

Any advice is appreciated.

Sounds like a leak. Don't mess around. Get it fixedand only buy new. Don't buy rebuilt or from any of the chain stores. When it comes to brakes you don't want to skimp. If you have to ask how to do this leave it to a pro.

Well ya could do it

Do you own flare wrenches? And fittings to "bench bleed" the master?

The object of the game is to put the NEW master in a vice make 2 couplings that will dump the fluid back into the resivoirs, clamp the master in a vice, and actuate it using a small dowel or other tool to push the piston in slowly and allow fluid to load into the chambers ( getting all the air out ). When that is done you can do a quick swap and since the decouple point is high.. the minor amount of air in the system will work it's way up ( when the system is put back together).

I've had to do this a few times in my life and have had good results, not PERFECT but better then the pedal I had. Later you can have the system bled and life is good.

I agree with NEW brake parts.


Having the Vigman agree with me on new has made my day. Thanks V man. Your knowledge and advice are #1.


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