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1989 Fan Problems


larry n

I have a 1989 and the fan has quit working. I was driving it yesterday the the temp kept going up. It usually stays at 195. I was very close to home as I watched the temp rise to 202, 203, 204. When I pulled in the garage it was at 206. I opened the hood and the fan was not turning. The outside air temp was 42. This may have kept the engine temp down some. Is there a relay that I should check, or possibly the thermostat is bad, but that should not stop the fan should it?
I don't know about the 89 but the fan in my 85 wasn't programmed to come on until about 228 degrees. That was part of my reasoning to go with the Stage II chip and 160 stat. Living in FL this has been a great help. I don't really see a problem with the temps you're experiencing. I'm sure others will chime in with knowledge on your year.:cool
Single fan or double?

Are you refering to the BIG fan behind the radiator or the little pusher in front.

The sender & ECM are factory?

There should be a green/white wire going to a sender between cyl 1&3 on the head you have to squeeze the connector to remove it.

It will have a round female single pin

Ground this line.

Turn key on

Fan spinning?

NOTE if you have the 2 fan setup this will trigger the FOWARD FAN ONLY.

The factory setting for the big fan is 232 ISH

Stupid...yes I know

Thank you for all of the replys.

I may not need to be concerned with this but the temp has not done this before. I guess I just assumed that the fan should turn when the temp got that high. I will try the suggestion from Mike to see if the fan, behind the rediator, is turning. If it is turning I guess I will replace the thermostat and see what happens.

Replace the stat IF!

The car will not cycle between 228 & 230 sitting in the driveway.

Somebody ( in the emissions dept @ GM) thought running the car that hot was a good idea.

This is normal( not great) for a stock C-4 (84-96)

Oh yeah

If you only have a single fan.. it is computer controlled.. the secondary fan ( on yours ) is controlled by that line which I spoke of.


the MAIN fan relay is located near the Brake master cylinder on the rear of the drivers side inner fenderwell.

If you jump pins A & B on the ALDL connector
you will enter the diagnostic mode.. which as a bonus to you will force the ECM to hit the fan relay & spin it up.

ALDL pinout as you see it. a paperclip works here.


I would be wondering why this started to change just now. If your Vette ran cooler before when cruising and now it started to run much hotter, I would pull the engine thermostat and check/replace it. With the temp outside at 42, I would think the electric fan would not even be needed when you are moving. Another place to check is a bad lower radiator hose that sucks closed. I think GM puts a spring inside the hose to prevent that but it is worth checking anyway.

My 89 sits at 163 anytime I'm moving and it is that cold. The engine fan never runs unless I sit and idle for a few minutes. My fan comes on at 175 because I have the Hypertech Stage two chip. I think the factory start temp is about 230 +-. The engine ecm starts and stops the fan.

Good luck. I hope you find out if you have a problem.

Radar :beer

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