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1992 Passive Keyless Entry


Jun 29, 2008
BC Canada
1992 Black Rose LT1-ZF6
New to me 1992 Coupe with power locks. When I bought the car, all I got were the keys. This morning the sun hit the dash just right and on the driver info center I could see the words "Passive Keyless Entry" but the words dont light up with the key-on self diagnosis. But half the dash lights dont work anyway, so that doesnt mean much at this point.
Anyway I was wondering if there is an easy way to tell if I SHOULD have keyless entry but maybe the fobs got lost or whatever over the last 16 years. If someone would help me out here, I'd appreciate it, because I am almost ready to install a cheapie alarm system that I bought JUST for the keyless entry feature. We DO get spoiled!! Thanks.

The system can be rather problematic. Mine refuses to go into program mode, so the money I spent on a fob was wasted...

A lot of guys that have working systems end up turning them off because they can be wonky. I sure wish mine worked though. Keyless entry is way cool.

So the light doesn't come on when you insert the key and turn it to the "on" position? Might mean your bulb is out, or maybe that the system is turned off. I don't know too much about how to turn it on and off. I just know that following the instructions on the manual does not produce the results necessary to program the fob on my car. And my VATS system kicks in after a couple attempts at programming. So I have to disconnect my battery and reconnect it so my car will start. :bash

Best of luck with it, though! :thumb
According to the "Black Book" and "Corvette Buyer's Guide," the Passive Keyless Entry system did not arrive until 1993.
My old 92 did not have it.
PKE supposedly didn't arrive until 93 according to the dealers around here because trying to look up anything for it says it didn't exist. The only thing I can guess is that late 92 it started becoming some kind of an option or dealer installed possibly? My 92 does have it although I don't have a working FOB for it. When I looked into it, I found out I could install a new aftermarket keyless entry and alarm with two FOB's for not much more than it was going to cost me for one original GM FOB...that considered along with hearing the originals could be kind of quirky at times it wasn't a hard decision to go with a new more reliable system. I would suggest talking to some of your local car audio stores and see what kind of prices they'll give you on a new system.
Thanks, guys, for your responses. All considered, I think I will just go with the keyless entry feature of an aftermarket alarm. It will also give me the remote hatch release. I damn near soiled my undies when I found out the price of a replacement GM fob.

I don't know if you want the alarm or not, but if you have an auto trans there are some really reasonable priced remote start kits with the remote lock controls included.

On my 93, I had some fun with my son, a college grad BTW: I made some gestures, like magic hands, as I walked away, and the car beeped and locked itself. He was amazed! Then I approached the car and did my evil empire hands and the car responded again, too cool :) It's a great system, but it can go nutz if it stays in contact too long without the keys in the ignition.

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