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LT4 1996 Corvette over heating problems

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May 27, 2015
Rapid City South Dakota
Hi, I been fighting a over heating problem for almost two years. Had the car in a shop for repairs they flushed out the system said everything was ok. It will run fine than sometimes after parking it or being stuck in traffic it would drain out a gallon of coolant thru the overflow tank when but not all the time.
Found the problem I used some stop leak & it plugged up the coolant line that goes from the water pump to the radiator where it tee's off back to the fill tank. Its a small metal line, when I replaced it now I can see the lower hose by the fill cap now pumps a water stream into the fill tank.
So if your having this same problem it is easy to see if it is pumping water to the fill tank. Mine was so plugged I could not even get a wire to push thru it. Hope this helps anyone that is having this problem.

Hib Halverson

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Jan 10, 2001
CenCoast CA
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Stop leak...big mistake.

It does to the entire cooling system what it did to the hose running from the high fill bottle to the water pump. Also, stop leak can never be fully flushed out of the system once it's been used.

Yep, it stops small leaks but it does that by coating the entire inside of the cooling system with a pliable sort of rubber-like stuff which fills pinhole leaks.

The bad part is this coating inhibits heat transfer from engine parts to the coolant to a modest degree.

Whatever you do, if you have another pinhole leak, don't use the stuff again.

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