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1996 grand sport wheels



I think a set of black 96 grand sport wheels would look great on my black 77. Does any one know if the 11 inch rears will fit.
Hib, you rock!! That's exactly what i wanted to hear. Now all i have to do is find a set at a reasonable price. Easier said than done.
BJS1977 said:
Hib, you rock!!

Sh**, how'd you know?
Getting pumped for the MTV Video Music Awards on TV tonight I just had Linkin Park and some old No Doubt on the CD player. Yep. I'm rockin'.

That's exactly what i wanted to hear. Now all i have to do is find a set at a reasonable price. Easier said than done. [/QUOTE]

Two points about the GS wheels on a C3.
1) Don't forget the big adapters you need. The only source for them is Vette Brakes and Products
2) Don't forget that the GS Coupe rears are a *different* backspace than the ZR-1 rear.
no doubt? if your listening to that i might take back the "you rock" comment.
i know about the back spacing and i e-mailed vette brakes to see what size spacer i would need. now i am worried about how far they will stick out the side of the car.

p.s finding these things is not easy. i can't find any used ones and the new ones cost almost what i paid for the car and thats without the tires!!!!!
Hello there, BJS1977. Over the past four months or so, I have seen the adapters on Ebay. Usually, a set pops up once a month. I think the last set went for about half of the original price. If you're willing to be patient, I guess you could go this route. I'll be attending the Chevy show down here, later this month. If I see any that are good, I'll get the phone number of the seller for you.--Bullitt
according to the guy at vette brakes the 11in rears will stick out of the wheel well. i guess i can get 4 of the front wheels, right???
maybe zo6 wheels??? maybe the newer chrome 5 spoke wheels???
whattda ya think???
Wheel cost

Well Tyla, the cost of wheels is subjective to every seller. Of course, the condition and age is going to come into play. Most guys I talk to agree that parts usually go for half price at swap meets. I think the 17x8.5 inch Grand Sport wheels are about $400 each, the 9.5 or 11 are $430 each, through Mid-America. Center caps run about $25 a piece and don't forget lug nuts at $50-$60 for all. So maybe in all, you are looking at $1800-$1900, brand new. Plus adapters ($300) and mounting/balancing of your tires. I think a good estimate on new tires, depending on the speed rating could be as low as $150 or up to $230 for ZRs. WHEW! Best "guess" scenario $2900-$3300 for everything brand new. If you can get everything used and hassle the seller down, maybe you can get a deal at $1500? Probably, wishful thinking. I'll try to find a swap meet in my area and find out how much they are selling for.--Bullitt

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