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1996 Seats




You can also check on some of the threads that 69MyWay has posted as he put similar seats in his awsome '69 project. I purchased some '96 seats from a Corvette salvage site near New Orleans. Of course they were reported to be "like new".....and were far from that! So, buyer beware!!!! I got some seat covers made in the material to match the '69 interior but with the '96 pattern by Ecklers. They turned out great, but at a much higher cost. The sport seats (not the 6-way adjustable) are some of the most comfortable ever made for the Corvette. The foam should be expected to be good in a seat that new (assuming that it wasn't a flood damaged car) but many are not stored properly. BE CAREFUL!!! 69MyWay also posted a description of the steel pieces that he fabricated to fit the later model seats onto the runners of the C-3.

Get a pair of hog ring pliars and have fun!


more thoughts

I just looked at the eBay thread and those seats were from a flood damage car...worse yet, SALT WATER! Expect a total reconstruction. Also, I am still waiting (more than six weeks) for the same seller to ship some A/C duct work that I bought (and paid for!). I am not sure, but I am starting to suspect a rip-off.


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Jul 3, 2001
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Hey Bob,

Salt eats the metal out of everything. It is normal for the framing inside the seat to rust under ordinary conditions. I imagine however, that salt water flooded seats like these would be totally rotten inside, and likely to actually drip rust stains out of them on high humidity days, etc.

Keep looking for some others. At least the guy was honest about the condition of them.

Also, look at the Corbeau A4 seats. TZracer just bought a set for his 71 coupe. He seems to be happy with them. I was going to go that route until Black Thunder helped me out with the 94-96 style seats for my car.

In the end, they can get real expensive real fast, thus in some ways making the Corbeau seats a bargain. If you have to recover them, and buy and replacement hardware for them, and pay a pro to install the covers, any only paid say $100 for the seats, you have now topped the cost of the A4 Corbeau.

You can check them out at www.corbeau.com

Good luck
Aug 29, 2001
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Thanks Chris. I have looked at the A-4's and liked them. If I only had my 30 year old rear end instead of my 45 year old rear end, I might fit in them.

There's a place here in Atlanta that has most, if not all, of the Corbeau seats and indicates that the A-4 is the only one that will go in without rubbing, etc.

I'm still trying to find a place here that has the Recaros on display.


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