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1997 Pilot Line Cars



I have a 97 Nassau Blue Coupe that is #393. I know that the first 395 were pilot line cars and that 95% of them were either red, black, or white. I'm trying to find out how many pilot cars were nassau blue and if this one was the last produced. Any answers or leads for more information will be much appreciated. Thanks, Kev
Have you checked out the 97-02 Specifications at the top of the C5 forum?

It gives some great info. However, I can't tell from that the answer to your question.

Sounds like a unique car.

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97 Pilot Line Problems

Just bought the car and haven't had much of a chance to wring it out. Will let you know if anything unusual develops. The June 2001 issue of Corvette Fever has a good article on problems and recalls on 97's and 98's.

I'm glad to hear you haven't had problems yet. My 1999 C5 coupe was an "early" build 1999 (8/98) and I have had a lot of problems. It was built following the UAW strike/work stoppage. During the first 20,094 miles, the car has experienced 18 separate defects and broke down three separate times.

I hope you have better luck than I have. Good luck.

99 White C5 Coupe

Sorry to hear you've had so many problems.....Timing coming off the line probably didn't contribute to the quality. I've got a '97 with just over 35k on it and the only problems I've had are with the throttle actuator and a battery leak that hosed the computer.

Jim Shoemaker,

I'm glad to hear you have had very few problems. My 1999 C5 coupe also had the Delco battery leak which caused a mess. I suspect many of the problems were due to poor assembly following the strike and poor design/engineering.

By the way - my C5 also has the Firethorn Red interior.

99 White C5 Coupe

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