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2 more problem's



At the end of last season my Vette started running poorly, after pulling my distributor cap I found my rotor hanging by 1 screw. A lot of metal shaving's at it's base and the weight's don't spring back.

If I go to a pointless ingnition upgrade does that lose the weight's and springs or does the distributor need to be rebuilt?
I will add that it ran great after screwing on a new rotor.

2nd problem is that when I get up to about 65-70 there's a noise coming from either my tranny or shifter, it's a rattling sound that get's queiter when I pull the shifter towards the driver's seat.
The sound is still there just not as loud and yes I can feel it.
Anybody got any idea's what's wrong here.

Any help will be very appreciated.

2 more problems

If you are switching to (computer controlled) pointless, yes you will lose the springs and weights. I take it your not going that route so....you will need to clean her up a bit and get a new set of springs and weights. Last I knew Moroso makes a kit with different tension springs so that you can dial in the spark advance for better performance. As for your noisy shifter, that is a guess for me. If it happens only at that certain speed (65-70) check for worn u-joints, tire balance, tranny mount, shifter bushings. Other than that, i'm clueless. Hope this helps.
Sarge :cool
Those old shifters wear, and they do rattle. Your car is a 68, so I assume your shifter is the original 34 year old model. They can be rebuilt and re-bushed. Hope this helps. Chuck
Actually I'm looking at the Pertronix Igniter II, The picture look's like the weight's and spring's are gone. Hopefully someone here has used this and will be able to tell me more.

The shifter is a Hurst Competition Plus, I don't know how old it is but we did all the bushing's about 5 years ago when we built the car. I did'nt even consider u-joint's.

Thank-you both for the imput.

Pertronix Ignition

I was assuming that you were using another brand of conversion. A few years ago I had done some conversions for people/ friends. And those kits used the weight and spring setup to control centrifugal advance. I went on the Pertronix web site
(www.pertronix.com) and according to their advertisment, this unit has its own micro processor "dohicky" that controls dwell and timing. And you are right...there are no springs or weights to be seen. Anyways..good luck on your conversion.
:beer Sarge
Ahh, not so fast on the Petronix deal. I put one on the 74 a few weeks ago, and I think it was the Ignitor II, it used the stock centerfugal and the vacume advance. You could be looking at a different one, but mine was like that atleast.

FYI: Pull it off the car to do it, much less head(and back) ache...
Thanks Sarge,

For both the link and well wishes.

"pointless" electronic conversions like Pertronix and several others ALWAYS use the existing weights and springs to control centrifugal advance; all the electronic module does is replace the mechanical points with an electronic trigger for the coil; you don't see the advance mechanism in the ad because it's been removed for clarity so you can see the module. No weights and springs, no centrifugal advance. No way to get along without it.
Thank's everyone.

I guess it's time to pull it and get her rebuilt, Either way I'm going to go with a pointless set up.

Thank's again guy's


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