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2 much fuel pressure



Is it possible to have to much fuel pressure? My LT-4 wont stay running and it acts like it is flooded. I do not have a fuel regulator on it and struggles to start and only will only run under full throttle. Any help would be appreciated.



Why don't you have a fuel regulator and what is the gauge pressure on it?


Fuel Pressure is at 49 PSI. I have the stock vacuum regulator still on the motor, I am not sur eit is working right, as I am sure I dont have all the vacuum lines connected on the motor yet. It is going into a 1975 Vette and I was trying to run the motor on the frame. I have given up until I replace the body on the frame and connect all the wiring, vacuum lines and so on. I am sure we can solve the problem once everything is connected and we can scan the system. Any input or thoughts though would be greatly appreciated, as we a re nearing completion on this project.

I wil add, this is My wife's car and she is very excited to replace the old L-48 with the LT-4.


I know you are going through trying to reprogram the PCM to work with out a CCM and everything else but you realy do need to get a scan tool and hook it up and check to see what is happening. Are you sure you have a good seal inbetween the throttle body and MAF sensor?. You do need to read data and make sure all the sensors are hooked up and reading correctly. Just somany possible problems you realy do need to hook it up to something and see what is going on.

David Fulcher

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