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2000, 2001 What Were The Changes For 02



Hi to all, what were the changes from 00 - 01 to 02, even the small ones as I'm looking foward to buying a new 02 coupe. Thanks and I enjoy reading the posts.:s Cruise
Your best bet would be to run through the Specifications section for the 2000-2002 model years. Click the Specificaitons link at the top of this page.
I would like to know too . What outside body differences and interior differences ? I see a Corvette go by the only way I can tell what year it is , is by the wheels . They all have the same front lights and rear lights and side markers . What else would I look for ?
O yea , Chrome exhaust tips for 2002 .
Good luck looking at the body. Wheels depend on options but style changed in 2000 I think. '02 had in dash CD std. with tape optional, prior the in dash CD was not available. Not sure when CD changer went to 12 disks. Other than that, options are in 1. base pkg, 2. pkg B or 3. pkg C. Some options come as single options or included in only one package, like Heads UP Display alone or in C pkg if I remember correctly, going to look at spec sheets is only way to learn it and as I have displayed, after 3 months it starts to fuzz over a little.:beer
Exhaust tips were added in 01. 2000 & up have no lock cylinder on passenger side. 01 and 02 have passenger side airbag shutoffs located on console. 12 Disk changer and in dash Cd were availible since at least 99. Convertable top has more insulation and is quieter starting 01. Active handling changed a bit for 01. HP went to 350 starting 01. Except for the wheels thats all I can think of. Michael

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