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2002 Z06 Corvette


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Sep 16, 2000
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1990 Corvette ZR-1
Here it is, in Electron Blue paint:

A C5 owner sent us this snap shot. This car, spotted during the week of
5/7 in a parking lot at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds in California,
is, appearently, a 2002 Z06 in the new, blue paint.
Great, Rob, now I have drool all over my keyboard... :J

Thanks for sharing!
Barb :w
Cool color and I like the wheels. Went by a dealer in Gas City IN Tuesday eve that had a '01 red Z06 in the showroom.

I have seen this picture numerous times. It doesn't have the 405 HP badges on it nor does it have the new wheels.
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Well, since you seem to know more about it....what 405hp badges and new wheels are you talking about? According to my source, this picture is only about 1 - 1 1/2 weeks old.
The car in the photo has the Z06 405hp badges, you just can't see the badge clearly because of the crappy quality of the image. The world will be a better place if cheap digital cameras were outlawed

There ain't any new wheels for Z06 in 02.

Where exactly are they?!?!?!?!?! I don't see them, even after looking at the picture for along time, even zooming in on it. I have seen people order the exact color combination for electron blue from PPG and they have painted their car to look like the one in the picture. The cars are not even built yet, not enev the cars for GM brass, i.e. GM execs and engineers. You need more proof to back up that shady picture.
How 'bout this proof:

The day after someone snapped that spy shot, I drove that car.

Sounds good to me! :) How did it drive? How's the color? Is it as nice as it looks in the picture?:w
Electron Blue Metallic - Up Close

On Memorial Day, May 28, the River City Corvette Club of Sacramento, California, held a car show at its sponcer John L. Sullivan Chevrolet. John L. Sullivan provided a color sample of the new 2K2 Electron Blue Metallic set to replace Navy Blue Metallic.

Here is a photo of that color sample in the sun. The photo is very accurate to the actual color. Although, it is NOT as nice as Navy!!!
Very cool. Thanks for sharing that with us Lenny. Out of curiosity, how do you feel it compares to the C4's Admiral Blue Metallic? Darker? Lighter? Less purple?
Electron Blue - revisited


To be honest, I wasn't too impressed with the color. It was VERY MUCH like the 1998/1999 Blue! Yes, if you added more silver metallic metal flake to Admiral Blue you would be very close; but ever so lighter in color.

Personally, I was hoping Corvette would continue with it's metamorphoasis in paint types/colors. For instance Navy Blue Metallic (OK, I'm prejudice!) will change color from dark blue- to purple(!)- to black depending on the light angle. We saw this same effect with the short production Black Cherry Metallic in the C-4's. No such change was visible in the paint sample we saw.

Attached, is another photo showing Electron Blue Metallic against my car. Certainly it is lighter.

The general consensus of club members was, "It's OK!"

Beautiy is in the eye of the beholder . . . Heck, some people think Mustangs are beautiful!

Personally, I'd like to see them re-introduce the Copper color from 1994. I thought that was one of the best colors I have ever seen on a Corvette. I remember seeing a coupe in a showroom dressed in Copper Metallic. It had incredible depth and looked like you could put your hand through it like water. :)
You might ask Bev about that Copper 94 color and how it held up.:s I'm sure she loved hers! It was a BEAUTY! :W:
From what I heard, the '94 Copper color was discontinued due to problems in the application. But I agree, it is definatly a beautiful color.

From the pic's I think the Electron Blue is a little lighter and less purple than Admrial Blue.

This is supposedly EB...

So, the new Z06 will have 405 HP? Are there any other changes? Where are the badges at?

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