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Help! 2002 Z06 Gas leak


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Feb 19, 2015
Overland Park, KS
2002 Z06
My 2002 Z06 is leaking fuel and fumes and the check engine indicator is on. After taking it to the dealer it was determined that the gas tank fill hose has a slit in it. The dealer indicated that the only way they could replace the fill hose was to replace the entire fuel tank assembly for nearly $1000. Does anyone know of a better option? Apparently the fill hose is molded rubber in the Z06 while the regular C5 has a straight fill tube. Thanks for any responses.
Most of that cost maybe in pulling the tank.

Doing that requires you, first, remove of the rear drive axle, transmission and torque tube.

There are some techs who say they can pull a C5 fuel tank without dropping the tube and transaxle but it's a very difficult process with which, if not done just right, you end up with a bigger fuel leak than you had before. Nevertheless, there are some really good Corvette techs out there who will try it. Most won't.

Sorry for the bad news.
Missing the point

Why pay for an entire fuel tank assembly when only the fill hose is leaking? Sounds a bit ridiculous that I need to buy and replace the whole fuel tank assembly when a new filler hose would do the trick. But what do I know, maybe the tank has to come out anyway just to replace the hose?

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