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2002 Z06 Information


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Sep 16, 2000
New Hampshire
1990 Corvette ZR-1
I just received 2002 Z06 performance specifications and engineering enhancements information. All I have to say is..."wow"! Unfortunately, I can't post the information till June 20. :(
The upside is that it's the same info that has been posted in various places already - and it confirms the rumors that have been floating around for the past 2 months. :)

HP numbers confirmed at 405 due to engine upgrades, forged rims, and the new EB color.....no big surprises.
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Yes and no. One difference is the content, the other difference is, it may be elsewhere on the internet, but it is on those various parts of the internet out of breach of confidentiality, and since I intend on running the Corvette Action Center in a professional manner and in accordance with all moratoriums and confidentiality restraints, such material won't be posted here until allowed. Which makes it all the more exciting. :D ;)

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