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2002 ZO6 LS6 405 hp article

Tom Bryant

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Nov 9, 2000
Edgerton, Ohio, United States
1959 black 270hp (9/2/69) 1981 Beige L81(10/20/80)
Check out www.hotrod.com (Hot Rod Magazine) for an article about the new engine. Under see it in October click on 2002 ZO6.

Also get the print issue for October for an article about what Chevy is up to for the future. 445hp for 2005. Cammers are coming back.

Even Hot Rod Magazine missed the real story on the 02 Z06.

You can find that at:

Further, in about 6-8 weeks, both GM High-Tech Performance magazine and the C5 Registry's magazine will publish very comprehensive articles about the 02-spec. LS6 engine.

445hp may be in store for 05, but my bet is the "cammers" will only be under the hoods of the Cadillac XLRs. The engine in the up-level 04 and 05 Corvettes will probably be a supercharged version of the LS1/6 and I'm betting 425hp.
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2002 Z06

Thanks Hib, for the fabulously written article. I read it twice. I remember the Glendora Mountian Road from a vacation several years ago. We were up there in a big Dodge rental van sightseeing. Ok, we were lost because I made the wrong turn and just kept going but it was still fun. I especially liked the strange teeth sucking sounds my wife's aunt made whenever we would come to a curve. :D

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