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2003 convertible - good buying experience



I have been in the market for a while for a 2003 vette convertible.

After being told by my local dealers ridiculous prices, or
"that's sold out, impossible to get, but I have this, hurry"
I contacted Kerbeck Chevrolet in Atlantic City, NJ (I found out they sell large volumes 80-90 vettes/mo).

The ride from long Island, NY to Atlantic City took 3 hours, but it was well worth.

They had about 40 vettes on the lot, including 2 of the models I was looking for... the lot looks pretty amazing.

There's no pressure at all and the're willing to order (and likely to get) what u want.

I got my 2003 convertible in silver, black top, black interior, stick, all options $3000 below sticker price, with 6.5% financing for 3 years.

I'm a happy buyer!
:) :)

Rodney Pruet

Jun 12, 2002
Cropwell, Al,USA
2003 50TH Anniversary Red
I agree with you, they are great to buy from. I bought a 1996 Collector Edition convertible LT4 from them this past Dec. My son and I flew up from Birmingham, Al to Philly. They sent a guy over from Atlantic City to pick us up at the Philly airport (no charge) bought our lunch while they were getting all the papers together and the car ready for the return drive home. They called me a couple days later to see how I liked the car and to see if I was happy with it. I met one of the Kerbeck brothers while I was there and you couldn't ask for a better buying experience. I wouldn't hesitate buying from them again.

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