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3.70 improvement over 3.08?



in the 1/4 mile, how much of a time improvement can generally be expected from upgrading to a 3.70 gear vs my stock 3.08? I will probably pick up more time because I do have a full race cam that is like 3500 rpm - 6000 rpm and the gear will get and keep me in that power range. I have a 2500 stall speed, 700R4 trans, dual quads, and hooker headers/sidepipes. Any ideas? Just curious. Doing upgrades Monday. Won't know for sure though, changing my smogger heads to a set that will breath. I have been reading on these forums that anything over .450 lift is an overkill and you won't feel it because of the heads and the engine can't breath. So, my I am not feeling the potential of my car because of those rotten heads, and the restrictive hooker header/sidepipes. I ran over 1 second faster with them off. Looking forward to the upgrades this coming week =)


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Feb 13, 2002
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My suggestion would be to get the 3.70 gears or higher. One thing i have found out is that a torque converter can make a huge difference. You might want to upgrade to around a 3000 stall. I would say 3 grand is about the limit on a streetable car. I am installing my 700r4 tranny and 4.11s this week,along with my 3200 stall converter. O, and about the heads. Heads are where you make your horsepower, so get a good set. If you want to sell those side pipes, i will be the first one to buy them from you. remember that. And to answer your question. I would say you will see a great improvement in the 1/4.

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