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3.9 Axle Ratio?



3.9 axl ratio

hi there

i'm planing to add 3.9 ring and pinion to my A4 c5 ....with 395 mm. tire size ...with loud mouth exhuast ...and vortex ramair ..

what do you thind about this ??? is hter any one have any idea for best thing to install with 3.9 ring and pinion

i think i 'll beat viper in 1/4 if i got this .......i'm look'n for 11.8 in 1/4 ..............is it dream ?????????!

i hope you like my pic

c5 lover
Hi there,
I would suggest that you get a Getrag 3.73 diff assembly instead.
Only for the fact that your a4 carrier part of the diff is smaller, and will not handle as much abuse.
Also, the gears are not Getrag parts, as they do not recommend using any gears steeper than 3.73.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb

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